February 16, 2017

We love the word awaken. The word actually comes from the Old English word awaecnan meaning to spring into being. And lately it feels like we are arriving collectively to a time of great awakening where we are being called to spring into being our best selves. With that expansive feeling in mind, we are excited to be launching both a new website and officially announcing the launch of our second, sister store next door to our first.

Since opening in 2010, we’ve been doing all we can to offer you the best in eco-friendly, handcrafted, fair trade and locally made gifts, furniture, lighting, jewelry and home goods. Now we’ve expanded and opened a second store next door featuring sustainable women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, jewelry & handbags. The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, outpaced only by the oil industry. But there are amazing brands doing it differently and we are thrilled to be bringing them to you. To celebrate our expansion, we’ve launched this new, easy to shop website for our friends far and wide.

We believe everyone has their own unique and gorgeous part to play in this world. And here’s ours — we promise to continue reaching and stretching farther into our mission to champion artists & designers who make beautiful things while remaining true to our value system — one that espouses a deeply-held belief in the power of human kindness and a calling to gather people together in efforts to protect people and the planet. We want to send a big shout out filled with gratitude to all of you who have helped us stay vibrant and viable. It’s because of you and your support that we get to keep doing what we love. Thank you! Happy Spring!

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