Nomad Travel Blanket


The CUTEST travel blankets that convert into an adventure pillow buddy!

When we were kids, we’d play for days. Summer nights climbing trees, catching bees and prowling our imaginary wonderland. But there’s not so much of that these days… kids are staring more at screens than searching out for new adventures. 

Enter the Nomad Travel Blanket. Created to inspire children to wander and wonder at all the world has to offer. It’s made with 100% washable organic cotton flannel and folds conveniently into an adorable pocket. It has a little loop for hooking onto a backpack, coat hook or stroller. And each blanket is named after an explorer: Amelia the Bunny, Marco the Panda, and Lewis the Raccoon.

EllieFunDay empowers marginalized women, the makers, through a fair-wage and dignified employment.

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