Ombre Glass Tumbler Set/4

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Hand blown glass with two gradually fading blue tones that bring a modern but organic look. Details: 3" D x 5.5" H, 12 oz. Made from recycled materials. Dishwasher safe. Made in Guatemala. Who made this product? In 1976 COPAVIC was founded by a group of artisans who wanted to bring new life to old glass and the discarded factory in the in Cantel, Guatemala. Why is it ethical? These artisans crush and then melt down broken discarded glass and hand blow the molten fragments into fresh recycled pieces. COPAVIC works to protect and renew their environment, while also rebuilding stability in their community by providing living wages, insurance, and skills that continue to serve members beyond their refurbished factory. Usually $24 each, now our last set of 4 is $72. Ideal for all libations.