Medium Dreamer Mandala Necklace


Mandala, from the Sanskrit word for circle, is a complex design intended to draw the eye inward to its center. At the heart of each Dreamer Mandala necklace is a medicine wheel—an ancient symbol of healing and protection. Each design reflects the connection between numerology, color theory and energy.

These 12 designs are ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE, there is just one of each and once it’s sold there won’t be another exactly like it. It is artist Lily Lambert’s intention that the unique combination of color, numbers, crystals and craftsmanship will hold the organic beauty and energy that is just right for you! Handcrafted with Swarovski crystals and glass beads each measures approximately 1.25” in diameter, strung on a waxed hemp-nylon 16” cord and finished with a sterling silver clasp.

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