Hidden Crystal Candle

Rose Quartz
Blue Lace Agate
Amethyst Quartz
Sea Opal
Citrine Quartz
These popular California candles feature a hidden treasure — each contains a real crystal that is revealed when the candle has burned. Handmade with 100% American farmed soy wax plus natural essential + fragrance oils. 9 oz candle in a glass jar with silver lid. U.S. made. Sea Opal — scent: crisp lemon, tuberose and grapefruit; stone: meditation Citirne Quartz — scent: tangy grapefruit and sweet peach; stone: success Rose Quartz — scent: fig and sweet watermelon; stone: love Tigers Eye — scent: cedar with notes of leather, tobacco and amber; stone: power Amethyst Quartz — scent: lavender; stone: healing Pyrite — scent: rich, unisex blend of wood, sage and orange; stone: protection

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