We feature rotating art exhibitions in both of our stores, along with hosted artist receptions several times a year. In addition to guest artists, we have several featured artists that we represent year-round. Please contact us for additional information or photos and pricing for current artwork.


John Baran

John Baran is an artist and illustrator based in Santa Barbara, California. His originals and prints can be found in stores and galleries in California, Texas, Hawaii, Grand Cayman and Brussels, Belgium. Some of his prints can be seen on the set of the hit television show, 'Hawaii Five-O'.

An avid and accomplished photographer, John travels the world photographing his subject matter. His experiences with the animals in their natural environment is an integral part of the painting process. Photographing, sketching and spending time with these animals and watching their behavior helps John create works of art that are vibrant and full of life. He has swam with sharks, giant manta rays, manatees and dolphins. He has come within feet of white rhinos, cape buffalo, leopards, lions, American alligators and African elephants, to name a few. All resulting in works that are a colorful fusion of abstract art and animals from the land, sky and sea. Playful yet sophisticated, his art is versatile enough to hang in a living room or a child's nursery.

 Matti Berglund

Matti Berglund grew up in Norway, but has lived most of her grown up life in Santa Barbara in the USA. She was educated at the University of Denver in Colorado, where she received her BFA. Matti has also lived several years in Sweden and is currently located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Matti’s paintings have an organically spiritual quality both pleasing to the eye and soothing to the mind. Her cultural history plays a large role in the appreciation of her work. Her pieces have a unique appeal due to her use of symbols and elements of folk art that were introduced to her as a child in Norway. Matti’s work is inspired by elements from many different cultures, but it is always grounded in spirituality, women, travel, religious art and books. Like her ancestors, Matti is true to her own skills and has allowed her practical and creative natures to work in unison. Her artwork offers proof that the imaginative spirit moves within her.
'When I paint I often feel that I'm a part of something bigger. It feels like magic, like sometimes unexpected out of the ordinary with a touch of devine. To be able to feel this, I need to be open to the unknown. In my paintings I can set the scene. It's like cultivating the soil to make it receptive to seed and rain - and then the magic can happen. My goal is that the viewer of my work feel a bit of this magic and that they can add their personal story to the piece as well.'

Sam Smith

Samuel Smith is an award winning artist residing in Santa Barbara along California’s central coast. He has shown his regional landscapes locally and nationally in numerous galleries and shows, including the 2016 national American Impressionist Society annual show with top artists from the US. Sam’s art has been featured in Southwest Art magazine, Fibonacci Fine Art, and other art publications. His style is uniquely described as a melding of early California impressionism with contemporary subjects. He has captured the interest of regional and national audiences, after a host of regional awards in the Santa Barbara area the past 5 years, emerging into the collectors market. On a personal level, Sam tells people that the “way to know life is to love many things” (quoting Vincent Van Gogh), and that is represented in his work, as subjects are tremendously diverse compared to most artists today who may target one genre for branding sake.
'creativity is at the center of discovering a happy life…..because creativity is s process of discovery and fulfillment. It is beautiful, yes- but what is most beautiful is that it fosters enlightenment in a way that no other medium can. Albert Einstein once said “creativity is intelligence having fun.” And in my world, intelligence and creativity are worthy of life’s pursuit.'

Peggy Oki

Since her skating days with the Z-Boys, Peggy Oki went on to UC Santa Barbara to study environmental biology, eventually receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Painting at The College of Creative Studies (UCSB). (She got around campus, primarily by skateboard.). The theme of her paintings reflect the landscapes, seascapes, and marine mammals that she loves. With her more recent activity of rock climbing, she includes images from her climbing trips to Joshua Tree, SE Utah, and Yosemite National Park.

Still surfing, now for over 40 years, she’s travelled to Fiji, Mexico, South Africa, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Japan, and Tonga, Hawaii, New Zealand , Australia, and Costa Rica.

She has a greeting card business representing her artwork, teaches art and her Whales & Dolphins Ambassador Program, and occasionally freelances in graphic design. As a fine artist she’s exhibited in over 40 group exhibitions, and more than a dozen one-woman exhibitions.

Liz Brady

Liz Brady has been living and painting in Santa Barbara for the past 30 years. Organic forms and studies of animal and ocean life are prevalent in her most recent work, exploring different compositions of water and animal life. She finds the organic shapes and patterns are diverse, intriguing, and beautiful - moved by their simplicity and their complexity. Her earthy and watery palette is inspired by these forms and is full of rich greens, blues, yellows, and browns. Liz paints with oil and graphite on wood panels so she can scratch and sand the surface as she paints for a many-layered finish.


Jenny and Melissa left the corporate life and have found their bliss creating all kinds of beautiful things from found and vintage objects.

Jenny K has always had an artistic and graphic career – and left her corporate career in 2009 to follow her dream to become a full time artist. With a difficult childhood coupled with anxiety and depression, she started creating art as part of her therapy. Her art from therapy is now a line of greeting cards and wall art and her artistic ability has blossomed into other areas to include wall installations, lighting, furniture, etc. - all using antique, vintage, found & recycled objects that “in her eyes are treasures”. Jenny has a unique way of finding the good in something common and turning it into something unique and beautiful. She has a passion for social good and giving back to the world in her messaging and her style.

Melissa is often considered the “softer side” of the JunkGirls, her mother inspired her creative spirit. From that spirit, coupled with her background in graphic design & merchandising, Melissa is able to weave together the disparate trades of, painting, sewing and metal work to create the JunkGirls line of jewelry, accessories and table décor. Whether she’s finessing fabric, or harnessing the force of antique machinist’s punches against her anvil, Melissa creates works of art loved by JunkGirls fans worldwide.

Virginia McCracken

Virginia McCracken is a Santa Barbara–based artist who creates small-scale assemblages …. imaginary worlds inside boxes that are inhabited by paper mache figures. The expressively detailed characters are of unknown species, generally related to cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses, but not quite, and sometimes not at all. She creates evocative habitats for these creatures, some minimal and mysterious, others crafted like stage sets or rooms. There are no explicit stories, although a hint of narrative is often contained in the titles. The characters are sometimes engaged in activity or relationship, but some are contemplative and alone. The miniature works have been described as whimsical and touching, humorous, as well as dark. The artist is inspired by make-believe and the notion of secret interior worlds. The viewer must step up close because of the small scale and is drawn into the intimate, ethereal realm of each piece and into his or her own story.​