Corium Dress - Natural Indigo

Ethically made loose sheath dress with lapel collar hand dyed and sewn in Ghana from 100% silk crepe. Mother of pearl buttons. Hand dyed natural indigo. Model is 5'9" and wears a small.


We are constantly inspired by the street style in Ghana.
It is totally rule breaking and fearless

Founded by two best friends, Osei Duro aims to create socially responsible and sustainable clothing that encourages international and intercultural cooperation. Based in Los Angeles, all of their textiles and garments are produced in Ghana, India and Peru, applying traditional techniques including hand dyeing and weaving. The ultimate goal is to enable local apparel industries and artisans – on both large and small scales – to become successful and sustainable.

What makes Osei Duro ethical?

  • Providing jobs to women in emerging market countries
  • Safe + healthy working conditions for workers
  • Small scale production – no overstock or waste
  • 100% fair trade and handmade
  • Supporting traditional craftsmanship

 A note from Osei Duro about natural indigo: We wash all of our indigo fabrics several times, but please note that our natural indigo pieces will crock. This means for the first few wears you should expect some color loss. This tendency is a sign of authenticity in West Africa, and the blue is considered to have medicinal properties on the skin. If you feel differently, try soaking in vinegar solution and drying in the sun.

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