Juno Jean - Black Rinse


In the Kings of Indigo collection since day one, Juno has proven itself to be a core slim fit. The back pockets are slightly curved to follow and shape the body, giving it a subtle lift.

Runs small

97,8% organic cotton, 2,2% elastane.

Kings of Indigo

Kings of Indigo's collection is mainly made from environmentally preferred fibres such as recycled or organic cotton and processed in a sustainable way. Over 90% of raw materials is sustainable. To guarantee quality of the jeans, the organic cotton is processed in the best denim mills. The result is a fresh organic concept for your favourite garments. Quality wear for the next era.

  • Recycling: Kings of Indigo uses recycled yarns as much as possible. There is so much waste in clothing, so why not re-use the basic material and make new garments out of left over fabric and old garments? First the old fabrics and clippings are cut into fibers. Then these fibers are spun into yarns, and finally these yarns are woven into fresh new fabric for the jeans and tops.This process saves lots of chemicals and water used to grow new cotton.
  • Innovation in production: Kings of Indigo uses innovative and sustainable production methods, such low impact washes and natural dye techniques, where possible. Low impact washes are promoted with Kings of Laundry, where laser and ozone is used to substitute stonewash and bleach finishes. Kings of Indigo NEVER uses sandblasting. Kings of Indigo products are sold and produced as close to home as possible and are preferably shipped by truck. Kings of Indigo offers no company cars to staff, traveling by bicycle or train is preferred. Kings of Indigo source their denim fabrics from Italy (Candiani) and Turkey (Orta, Calik, ISKO), and a very small percentage from Japan (Collect). The jeans are put together in our stitching factory in Tunisia (Artlab), washing and finishing is done in Italy (Elleti, Martelli) and Tunisia (Interwashing).
  • Fair Wear Foundation: Kings of Indigo has a goal; to make quality products with quality going beyond the product itself. Quality of work environment is just as important. Kings of Indigo cares about the people who make the garments. To help you measure the engagement, Kings of Indigo is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. FWF's mission is to improve labor standards in the clothing industry. FWF is a verification initiative to enhance the quality of life for workers all over the world. The production in Tunisia is fully audited by FWF, as is the sole factory in India.

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